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The Fieldmouse

Rating: 4.4

Where the acorn tumbles down,
Where the ash tree sheds its berry,
With your fur so soft and brown,
With your eye so round and merry,
Scarcely moving the long grass,
Fieldmouse, I can see you pass.
Little thing, in what dark den,
Lie you all the winter sleeping?
Till warm weather comes again,
Then once more I see you peeping

Round about the tall tree roots,
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Behind every word, painted the kind heart of a woman. Love it.

12 2 Reply
Lisbon Tawanda 17 June 2015

Wow wow, this is a very nice poem. I like it!

13 1 Reply
Kim Barney 17 June 2015

Hmmmm. Never heard of a woman named Cecil before. Of course, many tell me they've never heard of a man named Kim, either. The rhythm here is very nice. This could actually be made into a song, I think.

11 2 Reply
Edward Kofi Louis 17 June 2015

Round about the tall tree roots; with the muse of nature. Nice work.

11 2 Reply
Thomas Sarko 05 April 2018

Beautiful lines, easy rhythm, such masterful construction of literary sound devices.

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A wonderful poem. Beautifully crafted.

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Chinedu Dike 07 May 2021

Beautiful rendition of words to utterly justice. A work of an intricate mind.

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Congratulations being chosen as the CLASSIC Poem Of The Day! Loveliest poem, so cutest about a fieldmouse around her house.

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There is a loveliest rhythm in this poem I truly enjoyed. Cecil Frances Alexander is a true great poetess of the country-life.

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What a loveliest poem, a conversation with the fieldmouse.If it has become a housemouse, then the poetess would not write such a brilliant kindest poem, the pooetess enjoyed seeing the fieldmouse through the long grass passing her house, a finest read

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