The Fire Igniter Poem by Laquory Jones

The Fire Igniter

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I begin to feel like a fire blazing from deep
Inside getting ready to ignite eyes widens
Excitement invites as lava sparks illuminating
From the hot metal the reason that I try to
Keep both feet on the pedal lately it's been a
Struggle just to keep food on this table
Many times I've wondered will I ever be able
To reach the people that I need as I sit and I
Bleed weaving and grieving while trying to water
These seeds how many people will take the
Time to read my thoughts and my dreams

My pain and my screams of the things that
I keep in a seal embedded deep within
The ventricles of the brain Just more hurt to
Conceal as more pain waits to be unveiled
Maybe it'll reveal itself in due time into
Something sublime I just hope that one
Day I'll redefine what it's like to be historic
Through practices and rhetoric

My desire became the igniter for my thoughts
That became its gasoline fluid it's
Keeping me fluent no need to construe it
It's my mission of envision trying to get people
To listen the price of admission by combustion
& ignitions push starting my engines until
You're smelling my adrenaline through my ink
Pens it's just a matter of time for all of it to
Sink in(Richie what are you thinking)

I'm running on fumes Combustion's in use
I can't wait any longer the temperature's
Rising It's like I'm searching for a hunger
It's making me anxious these pictures that
I'm trying to paint is something so sacred
People trying to negate it took and debate
It centuries from now they'll re-rate this
Labeling it as one of the greatest to exist
Yet People will still berate it
(Richie I hate this)

Half my time I'm searching for escape kits
While looking for an exact fix for these
Problems that I inherit through life and
Her merits passed down by culprits
Insults caste upon my spirit I struggle to
Clear them I'm just a prodigy of something
Unique I haven't yet reached my peak
It's in the words I speak through vivid
Memories that I try to get you to see
Through mind-like eyes the life of Richie


Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: desire,dreams,emotional,fire,honesty,inspirational,motivational,spirit,thoughts
This is for anyone whose trying to make a difference. Don't doubt yourself because you are unique.
Paul Warren 19 October 2016

Life is a challenge in itself and we all continue to learn. Look to the future with a good heart and do your best.10

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