Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

The Gaze - Poem by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

Be aware of everything
I had taken the meaning quite literally.I was being aware of the tremor in his smile, of the child taking his little independent steps, the dewdropp glistening on the leaf and dropping, the squirrel darting here and there, the sorrow in her eyes when she spoke about her retarded daughter and so on
It helped me write.It helped me open my mind and i was happy.
When I looked into His eyes the other day, it sent a tremor through my body.
I could not keep His gaze.
My eyes deflected, darted and crept back to see Him again
His face had a slight smile and it looked like each and every muscle in His body was relaxed, at complete ease.
There was a strange radiation coming out of his eyes.....and it was stinging me.
I suddenly felt dirty...impure.
And I mumbled something and walked away.

That evening I thought about it and went to the mirror to look at myself.I tried to have the same expression and steadiness of gaze in my eyes.
I could not.
I tried to visualize the look in his eyes.
And a voice spoke to me.
I dont know whose voice.It could have been His......

Exhale completely.
Throw out all the baggage in your mind, your thoughts and belief
Inhale completely
Feel the pure air going through your nostrils and into your body cleansing it
Exhale completely
Throw out the tension creeping inside you, throw out your fears
Inhale completely
Fill your lungs, your heart, your abdomen to the brim
Exhale completely
Throw out your past, throw out your ego in the bin
Inhale completely
Imagine the air dancing through your body in abandon
Exhale completely
Throw out all the black, the green and the red, the lies
Inhale completely
Take in the white, the purple and his divinity inside you
Exhale completely
Free yourself from all weights, feel the lighness of your being
Inhale completely
Touch Him, feel his vibrations entering your now hollow being
Now you are a child
Quiver in His resonance
Be Him

Now look into your eyes
And meet your gaze with steadiness, equanimity, love and peace
And I did.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 30, 2008

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