Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean Poems

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Here Are My Eyes

Here are my eyes
Drown them in yours...

Here are my lips

(a) 49 (Love/Passion) This Is Crazy

A shadow with me all day
No body
This is crazy, this is crazy

(c) 19 (Life/Philosophy) Raped By Duality

On one hand you fly high
In your thoughts
Never say die
On the otherhand you just sigh

(a) 18 (Love/Passion) Untie The Knot

Untie the knot for me
of your deep inner secrets....
Give me the key
of your inner fantasies

(l) 5 (My Baby) My Inner Sun

You flew in softly and tiptoed in my life
My parched soul got a reprieve
My heart is now your permanent home
We shall play with elves and gnomes

(a) 37 (Love/Passion) I Wish

I wish I was the morning wind
Gently brushing against your skin

I wish I was a ray of sunlight

(k) 2 (God) That Is God

Waves of strength
Surging in You and Me
That is God, That is God

(a) 47 (Love/Passion) Beware, My Love...

Beware, my Love
Of the thunder
That we will encounter
When we touch

(h) 6 (Dedications) You Shall Always Live In Us

You slipped away quietly
From the realms of this mortal world
Away from all pains, very rightly
Leaving behind your loved ones and hurled

(c) 1 (Life/Philosophy) Life Is....

It has neither a beginning nor an end
You can never predict where it will bend.

Life is a teacher, it will show you the way

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