(c) 19 (Life/Philosophy) Raped By Duality Poem by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

(c) 19 (Life/Philosophy) Raped By Duality

Rating: 3.3

On one hand you fly high
In your thoughts
Never say die
On the otherhand you just sigh
Succumbing to the rots
That society gives you

On one hand worshipping virtue
Oh so feel good that we love to do
And the devil appears as if on cue
Greed and decadence, hatred and poison
Always threatening for a coup
Virtues gone askew?

On one hand following ideals
That someone else made
Merging them in yours, so it reveals
And then the 'I ' that never fades
Living in egos porch
The heart gets scorched

Swinging our desires
From right to wrong
From ice to fire
From good to greed
From jailed to freed
From bond to secede
From love to hate
From solo to mate
From calm to irate
From isolate to conjugate
From' I, Me, Myself ' to a soulmate

Are we just birds on paper?
That the painter does not release
And we are the painter.
Are we rape victims?
Enraged, crying
We the victims and the rapists in one?
Are we alive
Or just dead
Before the verdict of Yama?

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 20 September 2006

Ms. Ocean>>>You are the skilled Poetess, young lady...A fine work of semi-abstract Verse...And i love it of course...''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Asma Bahrainwala 26 September 2006

an excellent poem! duality...hypocrisy...a matter of convenience... rapist or victim? ...i'd say 'just human'...

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Ruby Root 26 September 2006

Hi Tranquil, Excellent poem and strong message behind your words. You almost sound angry at someone but very good points. Great write take care.

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Michael Gale 23 September 2006

Are we the rapist or victim? Neat aspect of point. Again you've penned one well. My TEN gallon hat goes off to yee fine artist of brain and heart. God bless all poets-MJG.

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Geoff Warden 20 September 2006

T.O. an other finly penned poem.....rape of oneself......interesting concept........

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Steve Hagget 20 September 2006

Indeed you are and thanks so much for this poem. I think you have written and delivered this effectively and beautifully, Steve

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