Monday, December 15, 2008

The Gods Were Illuminated

Rating: 4.6
I walk into my room,
the door shuts behind me.
I am in my own world
I kick off my shoes,
-they lie in a geometric pattern
on the floor

I am 16 years old.
It is snowing,
it is dark,
and the god of December
has fallen across this land.

The snow swirls and swirls and swirls,
endlessly and forever in my inner darkness.

'God, I hope we don't have school tomorrow, ' I think to myself
I know all 16 year olds think this very thought,
but somehow it is different when I think it.
I am different, and alone-
Alone, and different

Sometimes I can't believe that I'm me.

Snow falls down around the museum in my mind-
I see a picture in my mind of the art museum at Bowdoin College,
as though there is a postcard in my mind

I feel as though I am the last person on earth,
even though my parents are in the next room

Everything is quiet.
Everything is snow.

There is a light on, beside my bed,
a solitary light in the world

I look out my window
The world is still quiet,
and the stars peak out from behind the clouds,
like a map in the night

There is an ocean in the sky,
and it is as though the gods
are illuminated in heaven
Samuel Stuart Pennell
There is an ocean in the sky, and it is as though the gods are illuminated in heaven ... ya that always reminds us of divine power and it s, existence, , , , ,10 lovely poem dear
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dramatic. marks 10 shan
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Joebert Penalba 19 April 2010
nice work samuel.. i could say that you are born to be a poet..continue to inspire people
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Sipokoyto Lim 08 April 2009
I love this poem, somehow it brought back some of my melted memories. I give it a 10.
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Jose Elias 29 January 2009
Nice, i really liked it
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Morgan Bodden 24 January 2009
I like this, very nice finish
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Louis Rams 23 January 2009
this is quite good, just as it should
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MuRdA RhEE 16 January 2009
Yeah Mann... Dis Poem Is Da Sh** lol Bringz Me Back To Thosez Dayz lolz Comment Minez! ! !
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the cemetery man 16 January 2009
beautiful! and masterfully written I can see it all in my mind's eye, It takes me back to when I was so much younger, a similar time, a scene, thoughts just like yours. I read this poem over and over This is one of the best! 10+
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<font color =fusha>Amy 16 January 2009
i loved this poem it really made me hold on to each and every word. nice write: D
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