The Great Poem by Timothy Long

The Great

I am the great, no one is better than I, I'm greater than any guy, the great I am at everything, everywhere I go people always know, the great known to all, bribing to the top, all he wanted was to repeat the past, they say you can't bet a man with skins can, he planned and got connections all for her, his silence girl, anger that jealous he likes to be well sophisticated to the masses, her lover a cheater of cheap dimes who treats her nothing right, the green list was his tragedy and passion as well, if only to grasp her tightly, love was more than just lust, it was his flaw, personal love, never to like another, many things he saw put through war of all kinds, remembering what can't be forgotten, her betrayal and forgave as she's a fool to be noble, her family personal are my friend, he knew to the only one to her called knowing who was worth them all, better than the rest, I am the great, no one was better than I, except one, my friends who was always there as he more left.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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