The Harmony (Opinion) Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

The Harmony (Opinion)


Harmony is the most beautiful word. Harmony is the most melodious utterance. Harmony represents, rejoices and manifests love, romance, togetherness, pleasantness, tuning, rhythm, music, dance and the like delighting moods, senses, tunes, steps and the like pleasant rhymes and rhythms. Harmony is peace generating and peace sustaining pleasantness, in mind and among communities.

Harmony is not only the most beautiful word but also is the most needed element in the Universe. Harmony is present in nature around us, in our human nature, in love, in faith, in understanding, in insight, in affection, in various dealings and doings of animate and inanimate subjects and objects.
The inbuilt rhythm in harmony as tuning between two or among many, makes hearts rejoice, gives hearts and societies peace, joy, and well-being. The welfare of the humanity and the Universe is harmony-based, -related and -presented.

The harmony or rhythm is manifested in the motions of heavenly bodies in the cosmos, in the onset of seasons on earth, in the growth of plants and animals, in the notes of music, in the steps of the dance, in the notes of the writers, poets, intellectuals, in the Compassion of the Divinity for the creation. Many such pleasant and useful happenings are possible because of harmony between and among the persons and things involved.

Serenity is the harmony between the individualistic ego and Divine originality and essence. Bliss is the harmony between two hearts and minds. Melodious music in its rhythmic harmonious notes in steps, gives base and basis for all tunes in music and steps in dance.

Disruption of harmony in nature around us through pollutions of all kinds, by modern humans, is causing climatic change which is hanging on us like scepter. We are depleted of clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe and comfortable climate to live in. Noise pollution disrupts the harmony of Music.
Pollutions of water systems, atmosphere and the like are disharmonious acts disturbing the harmony created as treasure through trillions of years of evolution. To these pollutions are added pollution of minds and hearts by the selfish perpetuation of divisions among humans in the name of complexion, gender, region, language, nationality, religion, faith, “spirituality” - leading to sanction of criminality on these divisions.

Lack of harmony among communities and societies is leading to terror and is causing tremendous damage to the fabric of human civilization and culture. The tearing of societal fabric like this is creating many damages which are not stitched by intellectuals, scholars, philosophers, poets, writers in the various societies on the globe. All are watching the chaos helplessly and are ending up blaming respective divisions, instead of recognizing and realizing the missing harmony and working towards it.

Harmony, between men and women, between spouses, between parents and children, between students and teachers, between the ruled and rulers, between friends, among near and dear, between and among communities, between man and nature, is unfortunately missing in all societies, nations, and on our globe. We do not know what disharmony is going on in this vast Universe.

We are allowing the leaders, narrow-minded intellectuals-scholars-ideologists-movement organizers, and fanatics to create disharmony among us and are not able to prevent these damaging acts of these selfish individuals. There is no universal guidance available to us; which counsels us to work for harmony among us. We are not attempting for one such harmonizing word, thought, understanding, faith or deed.

We are more emotive and less objective in matters of our affiliations to our gender, caste, community, region, language, religion, faith, ideology, and the like; and so we are easily divided and separated and we ourselves with our lack of sense of togetherness are mostly responsible for disturbances around us. These things are easier said, than done, but an attempt must be initiated to transcend these divisions; else our peaceful existence or co-existence becomes a rare commodity. In our interest we must devise, design, give shape to, and implement a work plan and program. The flow chart, programing and execution are immediate necessities for harmony among us.

Harmony, the tuning of minds and hearts, and rhythmic togetherness with nature and fellow living and non-living beings, understanding among us, must become our breath, insight, experience and expression. We, the old and the youth, can work in harmony to achieve such much needed state of affairs.

We must dissuade persons from all “isms” who are hell bent on dividing us based on gender, caste, region, religion, language, nationality, color, faith, rational movements and the like sophisticated words. We cannot make languages, religions, faiths, regions, nations disappear and should not attempt at such an impossible task; but can make these divisions disappear from our hearts and minds so that harmony prevails and shines in us as love, understanding, fraternity, togetherness, affection, friendship, brotherhood, comrade-ship, sweet bonds, delighting unions and compassionate Divinities. Let harmony and harmonious relationships be liveliness in our lives and give life and joy to our lives and enliven us.

Harmony between mind and Self leads to peace of mind. Harmony between man and woman leads to love and bliss. Harmony between and among all divisions brings down heavens and makes earth a paradise and our hearts and minds Divine.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Vegeswarapuram, India
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