The Hunter Poem by Fox Nekitsune

The Hunter

Rating: 3.8

Dew wets the grass
I am the hunter
I walk a deadly path
I am hunting

Slipping through the trees
I am the hunter
I do it all with ease
I am hunting

There stood before me
Is the prey that I desire
A tremble running through me
Now I feel the hunters fire

I circle closer
Keeping her in sight
I circle closer
Don’t want to give her a fright

Now im behind her
So close now
I smell beautiful fur
So close now

Quickly I move
Tearing at her for what I want
Quickly I move
Now I will haunt her

I take my fill
I am the hunter
I leave her still
I have hunted

***** ********* 03 November 2005

Look behind ya girlie! lol Nice stalking poem. 9 from me. Grinning Tai

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Rachel Branscombe 01 December 2012

It's a good poem. I like how it is simple and yet effective

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Soulful Heart 01 January 2013

the hunter and the hunted one have done well with words..................: -)

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Wet with the dew of passion! Well done my friend!

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Tony Karas 10 December 2012

Awesome. At first I visualized myself when I used to hunt with a bow but by the close I felt more like a wolf.

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UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon 17 September 2022

Fox, A Hunter?

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Kim Barney 22 November 2014

Very nice poem. TEARING AT HER FOR WHAT I WANT makes an abrupt change in my thinking. Up to that point I thought of the hunter as being human, but then it seems the hunter is another animal, such as a cougar. I really enjoyed this.

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Brian Jani 05 June 2014

What an amazing poem

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Jaya Varma 23 November 2013

awesome poem..really..a classic with simplicity..

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Jayne Davies 22 November 2013

A good write! Well done

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