Bri Mar

'' The Imcomparable Ole Blue Eyes Frank '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Here was a man years ahead of his time,
His talents we all adored,
With his big band sound he sounded sublime,
He's, ‘'The Chairman Of The Board ‘'.

For his acting skills he got his reward,
In Nineteen Fifty Four,
His biggest critics died by the sword,
When ‘' Oscar ‘' knocked on his door.

If you're looking for inspiration,
Here's a man that everyone knows,
This guy was a true sensation,
As for living well, ‘' Here Goes ‘'

There was Armstrong, Crosby and Doris Day,
But he was truly a class apart,
This guys singing could lead you astray,
He was forever, ‘' Young At Heart ‘'.

He lived and loved his life to the full,
Some said he was a little uncouth,
When asked why, he'd say, keep it cool,
You can, ‘' Blame It On My Youth ‘'.

Long before Nineteen Sixty Nine,
He was the master of croon,
As for lunar travel, he'd say that's mine,
Now, ‘' Fly Me To The Moon ‘'.

A magnificent artist who was truly unique.
Like his country he loved to be free,
With the media he loved to play hide and seek,
When it suited he'd say, ‘' Talk To Me ‘'.

Whenever he sang those mission bells chimed,
He treated his audience as kin,
All he'd need say to get his fans primed,
Was, ‘' I've Got You Under My Skin ‘'.

This artist is an American treasure,
For the joy his music brings,
When asked why he gave us such pleasure,
He'd say it's, ‘' Just One Of Those Things ‘'.

He was sophisticated but also quite gritty,
From his fans he was never apart,
He could relieve you of your self pity,
From, ‘' The Curse Of An Aching Heart ‘'

Living and loving was what he done,
Despite all his troubles and strife,
He always believed the fight could be won,
When asked how, he'd reply, ‘' That's Life ‘'

He could do things which would always astound,
His talents were a gift from above,
Whenever he heard that big band sound,
He'd say it's, ‘'Almost Like Being In love ‘'.

He loved Chicago you'd hear him tell,
When leaving it made him frown,
If you asked him why he'd say, it's swell,
It's, ‘' My Kind Of Town ‘'.

His memory will last forever more,
Though at times he was on the ropes,
Like a song he was a man we could all adore,
He gave us all, ‘' High Hopes ‘'.

Though his life is over his legacy lives on,
Through his music he laid down his stall,
In our hearts and minds he'll never be gone,
We'll have ‘' All Or Nothing At All ‘'.

He raised millions of pounds for charity,
His reasons were truly divine,
For others he just wanted parity,
He'd ensure that, ‘' Come Rain Or Come Shine ‘'.

On his way to Heaven he bumped into God,
Who said I've been struck dumb,
He told him there's no need to feel overawed,
‘' The Best Is Yet To Come ‘'

Nobody will tell this guy how to sing
As he waltzes on a Heavenly highway,
With some help from Sammy, Deano and Bing,
He would say I did it, ‘' My Way ‘'

His acting, the singing and dancing,
Will never be surpassed,
At his style you'll forever be glancing,
What a legacy this man has amassed,
We'll forever be grateful for his films and songs,
Tthough in person he'll be sadly missed,
In our thoughts and memories is where he belongs,
That's just what he would insist,
His talents are still there for all to see,
Who's this icon we've got to thank,
He's the one and only I'm sure you'll agree,

‘' The Incomparable Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank ‘'

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