The Incurable Pain Poem by Alexie Whitman

The Incurable Pain

When I felt all the world's happiness
When I thought nothing could make me sad
The time when everything felt so right
The time when my life became a fairy tale
When I had turned happy from pale
Sometimes I doubted whether all of it was too good to be true
Because I had the world's best friends who were my crew
Don't know why parents said "they were a bad influence"
Because all I saw was their sugar-sweetness
I could never look behind the masks that they wore
But I knew the people behind it were not sore
The day finally came…
When they accidentally dropped their masks
And it was time to know their name
When I asked who actually was he
He fired bullets of abuses at me
Those words went straight inside my heart
And it completely tore me apart
When I tried to reach the rest of them for support
They ignored me as if I was just a joke
The wound in my heart widened at their reaction
And the pain in my heart became the reason of my self-destruction
But they never even cared
That they had turned my life into a nightmare
The sort of nightmare which couldn't be escaped by waking up
Because for them I was just a garbage dump
O! Good Lord! I beg you to grant me peace
And let me "LIVE" before I "DIE"!

Sunday, September 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: deception
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