The Guy Who Changed Me Poem by Alexie Whitman

The Guy Who Changed Me

Few months ago I met someone

And he was sweeter than a caramel bun
But I was a mean and arrogant person
Who didn't care about anyone
I just acted to be cool
And only cared about boys who were fools
My whole life was just about faking myself
Just so I could be more famous than anyone else
But when I met that someone
He gave me wisdom which had always been hidden
Though we never talked that much
But to teach me lessons his personality was enough
My heart knew that I felt something
Even when I tried to convence myself that it was nothing
Soon I realized that it was an inspiration
Because my entire life I had been mistaken
I thought that it was only about dating guys
But now I knew that those were just the bad times
He taught me the real meaning of life
Which was more that just being in lime light
He became my role model
And turned me into a person who was noble
I came to know that life was more than just being cool
Because now I had broken all the rules and wasn't a fool!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
Well, this poem is dedicated to the most amazing person in my life. Even though we have never been very close, he has always been there for me. I just can't express how much I respect him for always giving me the best advice and showing me the right direction. I really want to thank him for making me a better person
Jazib Kamalvi 16 December 2020

Write comment. Such a beautiful poem, Alexie. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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