The Life Of An Emo Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

The Life Of An Emo

Rating: 5.0

The life of an emo...
Can anyone other than one of us understand our pain?
Our need of secrecy?
it's all we have left
beside the cold blade on our skin.
We feel it cannot become any worse
but, by assuming so we have only worsened it.
If we let our secrecy slip,
allowing that last little bit of sanity to slip away...
Everyone stares.
Looks at you like you're insane,
not right somehow.
But, truly
the only thing wrong with most of us,
is our mangled hearts.
But if it's in the dark...
They stare at you and whisper about you...
As if you weren't even there
like you couldn't tell
as you feel their eyes burning into you,
that their whispers were centered
around emos
around you.
All we have
is the cold blade on our skin.

Emily Core 06 June 2010

the felling of my blade is the only thing i have left that i can feel 10+

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Jenny Kay 22 October 2009

This is true. very true. you make me shiver every time you mention the blade..i havent cut in about 3 months, it's so very tempting..

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Shekhar Joshi 23 July 2009

seems like i have somehow got to know a bit about emos through this one..... nicely written.... ;)

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Broken Heart 23 July 2009

awesome poem! ! loved it...n thnk u soo much 10 frm me: D

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