Almost Whole Again Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

Almost Whole Again

Rating: 3.5

depression setting in
but I can't stop.
Halfway through
I stop
and take out my knife.
Two long lines on my right
two long lines on my left
and another short line to match the long one on my left.
And one on my shoulder to top it all off.
I loved it.
Ever second
I was digging that knife into my legs
my heart surged
and puffed out,
... it almost felt, whole again.
Why would anyone deny me that feeling?
Could you?
Even if it only lasts
Sheer happy bliss,
that's what I felt.
You can't imagine,
what it's like for me
to finally feel... whole.
It's amazing and wonderful and...
And I long to go back to that time,
when I don't have to remind myself to breath.
When I don't think
about all the bad things.

Nalathai Vongjalorn 09 October 2009

Nice poem really like it

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Uche Chidozie 24 August 2012

Depression all around, i hope you as a writer overcome it through writing, all your works expressed that same theme............... good, but you will become a powerful poet will little imagery in your work. thanks

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Kieran J96 29 July 2010

i feel the same sometimes

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Eyan Desir 19 October 2009

Twisted painful well expressed

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Marilyn Lott 11 October 2009

You probably don't want me to say this but this poem us so very sad to me. Hurting yourself to cover up the pain is heartbreaking. I hear a lot of people do it. God bless you, my dear! Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 11 October 2009

Wow this was really a very intense poem

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