The 'Men' In Women Poem by Bill Darrah

The 'Men' In Women

Kaylene, you've got a way with me.
Leaves me breathless in your beauty
Every time I try to believe
I am not worthy of such a
Sweet, adorable generosity
As your smiling assurance relieves
And gives strength to me
Every time we exchange glances
As if we are involved in
Several slow dances
Our eyes capture and embrace
Through the way your face enhances
The genuine faithfulness, caressing grace,
And deep significance the intimacy
Of the kind of love I still
Somehow have the strength to fulfill
At least in my dreams and free will
I pusue so passionately in my life
And hope to pursue for a loving wife
Who will cherish me in the intimacy
Of my dream I feel your look gives
To me, even if you don't believe me!

The maturity you reveal and lives
Inside of you certainly appeals
To a greater love you've never known
Could feel like these words intimately
Make me feel while talking to you
About a woman's ability and role
In fulfilling a man's heart and soul
With the love he has not as true
As the love he and I find in you
With such a soft and tender gentleness
His masculinity does not offer, due to
His lack in pursuing how you feel
With the love blessed and given to you
By God when He created you to deal
With the affairs of man's heart,
The love of which was missing its start
And purposeful meaning you so richly impart
In his life through what you do
To and through his heart so true
To God's need for him to learn from you
All the emotions God formed inside of you
From the start of your creation
In using and expanding your imagination
By applying your feelings to man's
Limited understanding of love's sensations
And satisfactions for true fulfillment and
Sentimentality of God's incredible design and
Enjoyment in the love He created for you and me
To share in the loving maintenance of
Your presence and devoted care.

You are the reason I believe in love.
How incredibly you have become the answer
To my prayers thereof,
As you have allowed me to embrace
You as the dancer
Whose exchanging glances of your face
Has helped me experience the beauty
Of God's everlasting love and grace
So richly given to you and me
As we learn the meaning of our journey
In seeking love of longer lasting time
And of deeper periods of space
In and throughout our lives
As we become husbands and wives
For the validation of God's love
For creating our lives
He so passionately dreamed of.

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