The Merited Moral Remembrance Of The Wilfully Massacred Residents Of Grenfell Tower Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

The Merited Moral Remembrance Of The Wilfully Massacred Residents Of Grenfell Tower

By Stanley Collymore

There're no words, however fluently or graphically expressed,
that can truly describe the excruciating anguish gruesomely
compounded by the dreadful horror that was graphically
experienced by those that were unnecessarily but, all
the same, calculatedly forced to die in the Grenfell
Tower Inferno, relative to what they physically
and psychologically endured during the final
hour and minutes of their existence when
it became noticeably obvious to them,
that they were going to die in the
most horrendous manner likely
to be suffered by any ill-fated
and wretched human being.
Innocent and inestimable lives to all their dear ones
and close friends now callously and forever cut
short by means of the studiously pre-planned
and energetically conjoined exertions of a
borough council that fanatically, racially
and socially, despicably abrogated its
legal and ethical responsibilities of
care towards those that are now,
because of its derisive actions,
dead; have additionally also
morphed into, and become
the mysteriously missing, or
indifferently displaced, by
what has so disastrously
and horrendously been
so sickeningly visited
on them - from their
deeply established,
securely knit and
locally based

A purposely conceived and concertedly executed
"accident" that although determinedly long in
the planning, none the less, was expectantly,
impatiently and obsessively longed for by
those waiting in the wings and who had
themselves appreciatively initiated it,
to permit it to actually happen; and
now as expected in all its distressing apprehension
ultimately brought to fruition as the world, and
not just Britain, was shockingly forced to see,
as the instantaneous and utterly devastating
consequences of this indubitably criminal
culpability, but nevertheless guaranteed
Metropolitan Police together with the
Department of Public Prosecutions
(DPP) prearranged, prosecutorial
immunity clandestinely granted
as per usual to Kensington and
Chelsea Borough Council; an overall act of
criminality which is itself still purposely
conjoined with the habitual unyielding
reassurance of Britain's Nazi-Zionist
corresponding racist, Tory regime's
completest supporting of together
with an unwavering doctrinaire
protection of the Conservative
run London borough council
of Kensington and Chelsea's
inflexibly committed to and
distinctly demographically
totalitarian German Third
Reich inspired ethnic and
social cleansing policies.

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 June 2017.

Author's Remarks:
And accounts for how local government authorities like Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council in avid conjunction and collaboration with their likeminedly doctrinaire, hubristically and patronizingly disposed, closely knit and even incestuously endemically embroiled private sector accomplices in concertedly exercised acts of premeditated criminal culpability can quite literally and completely uncaringly get away with whatever criminal activity they either individually or more usually collectively decide to engage in; including acts like corporate mass murder as we've all graphically evidenced in the case of Grenfell Tower, instinctively knowing that there'll be an official and distinctly lying cover-up if things do go dramatically and publicly wrong for them, but all the same under any of their wilfully criminal circumstances they'll absolutely and unaccountably get away with whatever they've done. The classic whitewash in more ways than one!

Cognizant too, and all of the time, that they'll be effectively buttressed on that front by consummate braindead idiots within the British police forces, and in this specific case the Metropolitan Police Force - no stranger itself to institutionalized racism and rampant public office malfeasance - like Commander - of what exactly beats me, unless it's rank stupidity and unintelligible, intellectually challenged sycophancy - STUART CUNDY, whose body language totally contradicts the words he mechanically pukes out of his mouth whenever he speaks, and like his police colleagues in the Hillsborough catastrophe were quite willing to and actually did do in carrying out a massive cover-up of what genuinely happened then, and which Stuart Cundy, no lessons learnt by him for the simple reason that he evidently hasn't the intellectual acumen or the capability to do so, is in the case of the Grenfell Tower Inferno mass murders idiotically, as is his wont, trying to insultingly and similarly emulate.

Thankfully though those involved in trying to get real justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Inferno aren't prepared to take this public office malfeasance wilful abuse of power by the likes of Stuart Cundy lying down nor, for that matter, will they wait nearly three decades, as the Hillsborough campaigners were forced to do, to eventually see the first vestiges of light on the way to them ultimately achieving real and substantive justice for their dearly beloved and now enforcedly departed ones properly undertaken and ultimately done. And frankly and completely unapologetically, I'm 1000% in my committed support of them.

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