The Night Poem by Lodigiana Poetess

The Night

Rating: 5.0

As the night rides in
firstly in a stately trot, then picking up the pace,
the stars, in gratitude, ignite the darkening backcloth.
Each pinprick of light, a promise of a future still distantly seen.
The light of day slowly rests her head on the distant horizon.
Hypnotic in her lessening.
Monochrome covers all the once vibrant life, teeming and jostling for recognition
Now all becomes willingly
As the darkness falls, I feel a flame of brilliance ignite itself within my core,
the shabby day replaced slowly by this unifying element.
We all become anonymous, hidden from clear sight
Anyone we wish to be..dream of being..need to be.
To feel impervious to harm whilst cradled within the pitch blackness
this magical cloak of protection, no one can touch or reach me...
A limited reprieve.... until the dawn.

The Night
Saturday, September 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: comforting,night,change
Sandra Feldman 29 April 2019

Night was never so enchantingly portrayed! The images and metaphors are absolutely breathtaking and poetically superb., one after another, enough for non-night lovers to fall in love forever. Only those who feel, beyond words can write like this., " with a magical cloak of perfection"

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Lodigiana Poetess 30 April 2019

I love the anonymity that the night brings, to dream, plan, hope and love..So pleased you read and enjoyed it. Thank you Sandra. Lodigiana x

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Lodigiana 28 September 2018

Absolutely Tom! I love your term 'Dark equality' that expressed so well what I feel- thanks so much for your kind words.xx

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Tom Allport 28 September 2018

A poem of the dark equality that night brings? Everyone sleeps! ........well written Lodigiana

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Crayon Poet 21 September 2018

You surf the waves of each nighttide with perceptual agility, there can be no doubt.

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Lodigiana Poetess 21 September 2018

Thank you so much for your generous comments x

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 September 2018

'We all become anonymous, hidden from clear sight Anyone we wish to be..dream of being..need to be...' beautiful lines indeed. True about the night and life. Thanks for sharing.

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Lodigiana Poetess 08 September 2018

Thank you Anil for your very kind comments - I do appreciate it!

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