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The One False Truth

Rating: 3.6

The darkness surrounds me
fills the void and caresses my skin
encouraging me to rise and sin
my mind turns ashen and corrupts my thoughts
gossiping about would be not
I was once revered by the sick and the old
now all I have left is the cold
The darkness engulfs me

In my wake I drain happy thoughts

Leaving morals to sit and rot
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Joshua Swanson 05 February 2006

Why must everything have a christian message? Why must everything be about something? I would be a fool to deny this is anything less than a brilliant poem, yet I have a completely different interpretation. My view is no more or less valid then yours (unless your Matthew) , but I don't fel the need to attempt to convert you to them. I wish people could just accept a great work of art for what it is, wihtout always having to try it fit into their narrow worldview. I don't know what Matthew meant, but I think I do- and I'm probably wrong. So I'll just say I like the poem, and leave it at that.

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Kim McInnis 06 March 2005

I like this; it's very thoughtful. I can see you put a lot into this one. I see a high-powered executive, cutthroat and blood-thirsty; but that goes to show how you nailed this one. Sometimes the greatest demons are right under our noses. Nicely done.

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Nicholas Jankowski 27 February 2005

this poem is very good. While abstract, I got a christian message out of it. It made me think of the end times with teh antichrist. I like it.

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