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Thanks For The Pain

Rating: 3.6

Today is the day
I wanted so much to say
Thanks for the tears
Thanks for the fears
Thank you for so many lost years
Thanks for the pain

Thanks for the black and blue affection
Thanks for the debt
Thank you for all the times you lost a bet

Thank you for causing so much strife
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Ace fredrickson 12 March 2018

this poem has an unexplained and sudden theme, i think you need more description, but good attempt

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Sean Furlong 11 December 2005

I did not like this poem. It seems very rushed and the rhymes are forced. It seems like there is a story to be told here, but it's not told at all.

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Crystal Johnson 18 November 2005

I really like this poem. In a way i can relate to it. I think you are a very talented writer. maybe I can learn alot from you.. ;)

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Kim McInnis 18 April 2005

The couplets add a lot to the sarcasm of this; good choice. Your first stanza is a lot stronger than your second, but a good attempt. A bit vague; feel free to email me if you wanna talk about it.

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