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Anticipated Dread

Rating: 3.4

These bars, cold iron and steel
Like death's touch they feel
Keeping me in my place they stand firm
While trapped here bad thoughts churn
I hate this cage, this vice of life.
Tearing down a decent mans strife

The bars, rusted and cold
This man's life is already sold
the bland walls, lifeless and bleak

Shaking the foundation and not even a creak
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Ebone' Ingram 30 July 2006

I love the paradox of the ending. It reminds me of something Poe would write.

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Bridgid Patrick 10 November 2005

i like this.

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Uriah Hamilton 13 May 2005

I kind of like the idea the outside world is crueler than the inside world, maybe it means there is a lack of freedom everywhere.

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Monica Engeler 12 March 2005

Hi Well I can't say it is not descriptive. I find it very descriptive. I get a chill when I read it. I hope you were never behind bars. Very interesting to read.

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Kim McInnis 06 March 2005

Hey Matthew, sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you. My email hasn't been working. Sure, I'd love to review your poetry. I love your rhymes in this piece. They flow so smoothly, which is rare in rhyming couplets. Kudos for that. Though I like it, I don't get any clear picture. The words are pretty, but I can't muster them into any strong image or emotion. You might want to unite your figurative language a little more. And though I like the word 'malice', I wish you hadn't used it twice. Overall good work. You're quite talented.

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