Matthew Hyatt Poems

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Thanks For The Pain

Today is the day
I wanted so much to say
Thanks for the tears
Thanks for the fears

Anticipated Dread

These bars, cold iron and steel
Like death's touch they feel
Keeping me in my place they stand firm
While trapped here bad thoughts churn


The twinkle of a star
the color of a car
is never seen and adored
By the one with the Ink-Eyes.

Sea Of Faces

Ten million people each with their problems
Why should anyone care?
They would only stop to gawk or stare
I see the city lights all around me

Majesty Turned Murderer

The ocean was once a place
Of beauty and grace
Nevermore shall it be
Since it took them away from me

My Series Of Unfortunate Events

The deck seems stacked against my favor
Leaving me only death to savor
The world has been a most cruel place
Stealing loved ones with an unfeeling grace

Beautiful Letdown

We loved eachother
Our hearts were warm

You loved me

The Secret Of Life

To stare into eternity
Is to stare into your eyes
Perfectly holding the answers to the lies
I look at you, at your blank face

The One False Truth

The darkness surrounds me
fills the void and caresses my skin
encouraging me to rise and sin
my mind turns ashen and corrupts my thoughts

Masks Of Truth

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
Cast off the masks and let emotions fly
Let the false self die