The One Thing I Didn't Do Poem by Gerald Opio

The One Thing I Didn't Do

I endeavor to, always proacting -
Just to make you happy.
My life I ignore, because to me -
Yours is all that matters.
An extramile I go, without hesitating -
My life I neglect, yours I consider.
All that pleases you I do, undauntedly -
Blinded I am, by love.
A love I am not certain of -
But my heart is already convinced.
Gullibility encompasses my heart -
So easily lured by conceit.
How I wish, there was a device -
That could read hearts.
Yours I would have read, a long time ago -
Saving me from all this vein it would.
But, apparently I am already ensnared -
By her slyness.
Her wish, always my command -
But these things, mean nothing to her.
My needs I forego, to fulfill hers -
This, she does not see.
However good one is, weary they grow -
If taken for granted, but
Why would good people suffer such fate?
Questions I ask myself, answers I don't find.
Only to overhear her phone conversation with a friend of hers -
Words so derogating, breaking they do.
Only one thing I didn't do -
And that was not showing her my other side, the tough side of me.
She took me for granted, by her promiscuity -
She copulated with my best friend, just because I was too nice and lenient with her.
This is what I received, for not setting up my rules.
For not standing my grounds, hence not realizing what was going around me.
An excruciating pain I felt... making my heart so cold that it couldn't harbor love,
Not for a short while, but a long while it took -
To mend my broken heart.
So now, meticulous I am, so picky I am -
So that I don't fall prey again -
To a wanton such as her.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: lust
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