The Good I Know Poem by Gerald Opio

The Good I Know

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Life's truly a mystery
Only thee can comprehend

Times and times again
Homologous evil takes place

What hovers over our minds?
When we contradict the good we know through our deeds

The good I know; that I don't do
But the evil I know; that I gladly do.

This carnal body with its desires
Escapades it craves for all the time

Evil my mind embraces with no hesitation
Eticing it until it begets desire

No sooner had desire prevailed than sin was conceived.
Desire begets sin; within it's confines you reside.

Oh our minds; direction to divine healing we ought to take.
But an excursion to the evil path you fathom.

This queer desire of mine to do evil is irrefutable.
Yet the good thing to do; that I know.

Divine help I desire all the time; from our heavenly father.
But earnestly I don't seek for it, because evil looms around.

Evil renders our attempts to seek for divine intervention futile;
By clouding our mind through titillations.

Pleasure is it's master weaponry;
Because pleasure manipulates the mind.

Pleasure encompasses enormous sins;
All sexual related sins are masterminded by pleasure.

A great consort to sin is pleasure;
Hand in hand they go; in hunt for victims to prey on.

Henceforth sin ensnares anyone anytime;
Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come.

Prayer must be your artillery;
Armoured with fasting and Thanksgiving.

Anjandev Roy 23 May 2023

This is absolutely brilliant.....thank u...

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M. Asim Nehal 23 May 2023

Humans definitely need Almighty to move forward: Prayer must be your artillery; Armoured with fasting and Thanksgiving.5****

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