First Love Poem by Gerald Opio

First Love

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At a certain point in time, there was that young me, so inquisitive and curious.
Always seeking out for new adventures, scenarios and experiences.
So naive and ingenious I was, accompanied with a timid mind that was afraid of exploring new things.
I would talk to myself, inform of mediation, just to help me gather some balls.
As I moved lackadaisically along the pitch at school, I bumped into a beautiful girl.
My heart rapidly pounding, I felt goosebumps and wasn't the same anymore
Feeling so out of place, decided to feebly approach her, being my first love, didn't want anything to go wrong.
Seeking for perfection was my biggest err, always creating a sense of fear, retraction was all I did when I tried to strike a conversation with her.
Quivering and grumpy I turned out to be, but nonetheless, I tenaciously held my breath and bronched to her that I love you.
To my surprise, she grinned and the radiance of her grin calmed down my nerves. It was at that point in time, that I felt reborn, as though nothing was mind boggling.
She then replied to me, 'I will think about it.'
Imagine the anxiety she cast me into, contradicting thoughts and assumptions aroused my fears of rejection. Delusional I became, a war of thoughts taking a toll on me. But then, I leaned on a glimpse of hope that there was a fair chance for me.
At the time of dusk, as I sat in class, in preparation for the night lessons. Guess what, she came and dropped a piece of paper in my hand. Oh poor me, my pulse rate doubled and oh my, couldn't breathe well. On unfolding the piece of paper, I screamed and jumped for joy on realizing that my first attempt at love was a success. It was a moment to relish in my life. A first love that cuts so deep, a super-duper feeling it confines you in.
An indelible mark it appends on your heart, for all ages to come.
Vulnerable I was before I found her.
Lost in the lonely streets of my heart.
I loved her since I first saw her
and happiness was reborn from my pointless past.
Angels were laughing,
an endless dream of red roses.
She looked at me with her fragile sight, staring with no compromise.
I looked at her with my soul
and then our story began
and is still going on.
A spontaneous dark moment
and then a spark which led me to her, initiating my love life.

Saturday, May 6, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: first love
First Love cuts the deepest
D.N. Rebb 06 May 2023

What a great poem to read. But I think this one needs to be heard. Spoken words through the composer have such power. Love this poem. And it sounds like you're still with her

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S H 06 May 2023

Is it a Love day or what, this is my fourth love poem for today. Very well composed poem.

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Gerald Opio 06 May 2023

Much appreciated for your kind words

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M. Asim Nehal 06 May 2023

Falling in love instantly is a frequent occurrence but persevering until the conclusion is rare. You are among the fortunate minority. Excellent poem.

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Gerald Opio 06 May 2023

Thank you for the kind words

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