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The Peace Of God

Rating: 4.9

Do not give me
The knowing
That makes peace,
Often breached
By men with will
And knowing,
Create and mar the fruit
Of their hands.
But lead me in the peace of God
That transcends knowing,

None can grasp,
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Thursday, January 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: peace
Clarence Prince 19 January 2015

The peace of God That's what the needs! Well done, L. E.O!

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Phillip Joshua Jimenez 19 January 2015

Wow! How simple yet profound wisdom you've got here, my brother. This is such a wonderful piece. By the way, thanks for the invitation that you sent me; I really appreciate it. God bless you! Regards, Shim'onai

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Lyn Paul 28 January 2015

Beautifully presented. Our want for Peace is so strong. I thank you

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 28 January 2015

No doubt it is archaic expressions., agree with Evensong. I like the lines most -lead me in the peace and Lest he may quell it. very strong thanks

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Evensong 21 January 2015

Powerful writing made even more effective through archaic expressions. Loved it.

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Maria Gonzalez 28 July 2015

Lovely poem. Expressed so well.

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Amen, great poem L.E.O Gibraltar

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Ken E Hall 08 July 2015

Very well written with a God filled message...peace on earth has never happened to this date so sad...regards

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Babatunde Aremu 20 February 2015

What a poem! I join you in this wish. Bravo!

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Kim Barney 20 February 2015

Simple yet profound. Very well written, and deserves to be Poem of the Day! Congratulations!

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