The Reality Of Real War - Mercy Must Rise Not Endless Devastation Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

The Reality Of Real War - Mercy Must Rise Not Endless Devastation

Go for the truth in life
go for the reality of time;
every nation wants its independence
every nation wants its identity;
everybody wants their country
everyone wants to protect their boundaries
but when will leaders realize
that when they are elected by the people
the war should be the decision of the people's safety,
the desire to go fighting on should be justified correctly
as people want their homes
people want their peace
people want their survival.

And when the enemy is stronger than self
the country that cannot withstand the combat
should compromise and walk away
from the battleground rather than have
so many houses and apartments damaged,
so many cities devastated and filled with debris
so many thousands of lives lost and so many injured,
so many still struggling and fighting for survival
as so many bombs and missiles still keep falling
and destroying more cities, killing more people,
damaging more homes of unity
while leaders of other nations keep promising help
and providing arms and weapons
yet all the assistance only keeps enhancing the distress
and the sufferings and afflictions of the people.

So, how and when will people breathe in freedom
and sleep in peace they deserve
or will their countries keep fighting a war
that is ungainful to human existence
and how long will this war last
until it mutilates bodies with bombs and missiles
until no one and nothing is left except
horror, terror and a few more graves
that will be empty to embrace and bury
the last men walking or the last families
who are waiting in vain for harmony to return
in their blessed cities of their country
called Ukraine which is still burning with
the rage of war and its consequences?

The Reality Of  Real War - Mercy Must Rise Not Endless Devastation
UPDATED TUE, MAR 14 20234: 59 AM EDT Kyiv claims over 1,000 Russians died in Bakhmut in the last week; Ukraine's first lady pleads for more weapons
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