The Reason And The Anti-Reason Poem by Abdul Wahab

The Reason And The Anti-Reason

Rating: 3.9

Submission to God without reasoning repels me a lot,
Puppet-ism makes my blood hot,
Bleeds me into two horns,
Reasoning encourages me to ask,
Are the hands of the supreme to judge?

Atheism with profound reason,
Makes me more angry-
Reason is chocked in the clutches of anti -reason.
If expansion is the rule of reason,
Shrinking is, of course, the anti-reason.

Wisdom prefers to take a line-
A line of golden mean,
This makes me a fan of God,
A man of free thinking-full of liberty,
Having a pleasure to live in this world with high dignity.

Martin O'Neill 25 January 2012

And so the debate begins, my friend... perhaps we may agree to disagree - agreeably! ?

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Deep Mukherjee 26 January 2012

This idea of anti-reasoning comes like a void to me; it's more like the absence of reasoning; ; and therefore the lines 'Reason is chocked in the clutches of anti -reason. If expansion is the rule of reason, Shrinking is, of course, the anti-reason.' are the bottom-lines of the poem; except that fact; it is a out of box and well written poem! ! !

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 18 December 2011

wisdom prefers to take a line.. this line speaks a lot about healthy mind....10

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Salema Khatun 18 December 2011

the world is expanding with reason what is the reason of shrinking? - Is this anti -reason? perhaps yes'

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Dave Walker 18 December 2011

Like it. The free thinking mind is the only way to live. A great poem.

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Rayan Ali 07 February 2012

The last stanza speaks out what most, infact all of us desire deep in our hearts by never dare to unleash it...beautiful piece of work!

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Soulful Heart 03 February 2012

A man of free thinking-full of liberty, .......that sums it up all

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Nurain Ali-balogun 29 January 2012

Lovely poem. Thought provoking too.

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Unwritten Soul 27 January 2012

Solid phase bombarding the liquid phase! ! ...disperse and dissolve or just ice bordering line in oil...the questions of something like this always avoidable for many people as they think, there's lot of things to do (that's the reason) but they are anti-reason that's why they dont want to listen any explanation...and that a sad thing to bear..Like an emulsion oil and water still can united as colloidal phase..when reason talk ear must open to understand...anyway anti reason always have reason why there are like that_Unwritten Soul

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Harindhar Reddy 26 January 2012

Yup! Your analysis on reasoning and anti-reasoning is perfect. I like this poem very much so I ended it up by reading 3 times! 10+++++ Thumps up to the poet for writing such an intelligent poem!

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