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The Revenge Of Love

Rating: 4.8

Oh! Rukmoni, are you listening?
How can you listen!
As you are living in a far away land
By chance if you listen this poem
In the sky or air, take it for granted
That it has been written
For you and if you have time to spare
Go to the silent bank of the river
Or listen to it closed door ever.

Oh! Rukmoni,
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Let the bygone be bygone, not to sit and mourn long, sixteen days are maximum, for sorrow and celebration, Move on, Souls abandoned, millions of our kind, searching for love to bind! .

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Harindhar Reddy 16 March 2012

Tut! A sad sordid saga of broken love was narrated by the poet, whether it's autobiographical or not still it can entice readers like me and many others...... As feelings appear true without any hue made this poem look great. It great one by you wahabji, Hope writing and keep sharing, grow in life as a poet. You are one of the best poets here! 10+++++++++++

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Shahzia Batool 15 March 2012

Being a lit.teacher, i personally think that poetry should not be in the syllabi for examiner; you know why? ...everytime you don't feel like judging n measuring like holding a yardstick from poetic tools n apparatus...The Revenge Of Love is such a poem...one feels like to be quiet...no need to decipher the personal touch, the poignant memory of a broken appointment, n no need to mention the crushing despair...what is felt...in the lines, n beyond the lines....is perfectly communicated...

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very sad poem, but incredible in its structure, rhythm and heart song.... when we loose our love it is usually awful.... i now it... and it is important to understand that our live is not over... the future will bring us the sun and we can smile.... we should remember every good thing we had with that relationship and thank person for his or her time.... it is a sad moment and it is full of pain, but everything that not kills us makes us stronger.

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 15 March 2012

A sad and tragic tale of lost love and the torment it brings to the one left behind. Very moving poem.

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Heather Wilkins 16 July 2013

another excellent write about lost love. enjoyed the read

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Farah Ilyas 20 March 2012

oh very sad poem.....u make me cry, , , well done......i am very well alone, this verse have a lot of sorrow inside it So many brides I have seen So many brides I have been shown I have rejected them all Saying ‘'I am very well alone love these lines carry on

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Rizvana Parveen 20 March 2012

Beautiful composition.... So many brides I have seen So many brides I have been shown I have rejected them all Saying ‘'I am very well alone'' They will not feel the stone They will not feel the feather Of my heart and soul........ finding a soulmate is really difficult...

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Jacques S Mateya 19 March 2012

Yaaah i am loving! beautiful poem! keep up the spirit

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Rose Flores 19 March 2012

So exciting! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the poem. A blessed evening!

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