The Retired Sailor Poem by sookdeo manansingh manansingh

The Retired Sailor

A thousand times i have made this voyage
from shore to shore
now my age have begun to fail and cannot continue anymore
the new recruit of sailors are not yet accustom to the drift
of the wind yet are willing to get on board
though at times the sea might be rough they will find means
to remove any fear and not be bored

i must return to the land of my birth to carry the mantle
of my parents dream
i will never forsake my country who help to shape
and bring my vision on stream
the world to me only the seasons change but the pattern of waves remains the same
with humility i have great respect for every culture i made contact with yet i seek no one fame

the trees in the mountains are remove and the cities
continue to grow
no longer the bull carts and box carts can be heard
since the vehicles replace what they come to know
the children of this age are now seeing the world
in the palm of their hand
there is no need to move across a thousand miles
when by the touch of a button they can now command

i have made a difference to the world by using my imagination
to fly
there is no reason for anyone to lament for once i am born
i must have to die
the garment of my soul which i use to carry across the ocean of life will to ashes burn
another brave seaman will take up the cross and give a new cause for concern

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