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The Sky Is Mine

Rating: 5.0

Here I lie,
Staring at the sky.
Wishing I could sprout wings
And go there.
Just to fly
And pass the world by.
Moving on but
Going nowhere.

With my freedom

In my kingdom
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Pandora Chaos 08 April 2008

WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! this poem was amazing to im gana put it in my fav. I also give this poem a 10/10. ur great poet keep up the good work.

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Lee Degnan 20 June 2007

Hey kiddo, You have always been the one that needed space and tranquility in your life, and when there were times that seemed crazy, it seemed to reek havoc within you... you are a very peaceful and peace-loving soul and make everyone comfortable around you. In time I hope you truly learn meditation, maybe it will be your way of flying in the sky while still being grounded... and I don't mean the bad type of 'grounded' lol... Deep poem, my son... hope you work it into a song, it has the workings of one, for sure! Mom

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Cecelia Warner 13 June 2007

David, I LOVE this poem. I just put one of my poems on here. It's called Little Girl. Look for it and tell me what you think. Hope to see you soon. Love Always, Your cousin Shannah

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Cecelia Warner 13 June 2007

David, EXCELLENT! I know what you mean. I feel the same way about wanting to find serenity... hope you can find that soon. Love ya sweetie! Love Always, Aunt Cecelia XOXOXOXO

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