The Song Of Life Poem by Abdul Wahab

The Song Of Life

Rating: 4.2

Life is a song,
Life is a poem.
Be happy in delirium doom,
Laugh loudly even in gloom.
Life is a sunlight
Life is a cloud,
Hide and seek,
Unbound sailing in the deep.

Life is a sky
- An open mind,
--High and wide,
Profound pleasure even in the uneven glide.

Life is a market,
Some will buy some will sell
Some will lose some will gain.

You may lose today
But tomorrow you may gain
Never permanent are pleasure and pain

If the situations are against or in favour
No matter,
The will be not be the same forever
How hard is the blow!
How tough is to flow!
Even though,
Never, never bent or bow.

Ramesh Rai 31 December 2011


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Dave Walker 06 January 2012

Really like this. A fantastic write.

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Champs Ulysses Cabinatan 07 January 2012

thank you for sharing this one.

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Seeyan Abdulgafoor 15 January 2012

Wow...I never thought life can be defined as such.It's a great poem.

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Md Mollick 16 January 2012

Love it.Thanks for sharing.WOW...I never thought life can be defined as such. I like it so much.

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Seema Chowdhury 05 July 2015

Very inspiring. Lovely to read

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Valsa George 06 September 2012

A sound philosophy of life depicted through a beautiful poem! !

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Walterrean Salley 08 March 2012

Abdul, life is larger than any one person can phantom. And you've gone to the depth of your being to show us one aspect, as it is revealed to you: giving and taking. The good and bad, happy and sad, etc. Thank you for sharing your revelation with the world, which helps us to understand more of what this thing called life is all about. Good job, my friend. May you continue to share of your heart's riches.

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Ramesh T A 08 March 2012

Life is all as you have said! That too Laugh loudly even in gloom is the best policy to overcome gloom in life! But for me life is a journey!

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Lusekelo Simwela 07 March 2012

i lyk ths line.. Life is a sky? an open mind, High and wide, Profound pleasure even in the uneven glide...nice poem

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