The Taking Of Her Smiles... Poem by Mizzy ........

The Taking Of Her Smiles...

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'Twas a balmy evening on that village square,
On the path, a little girl she chalked,
A hopscotch grid, for friends to share,
Innocently unaware she was being stalked.

Behind a smoke stained curtain dead eyes stared,
On his warped mind he hatched a lurid plan,
In which a childhood dream would not be spared,
From the wrath of this decrepit evil man.

He placed some money in her little palm,
An invitation to his shop for sweets,
To the monster she did sadly warm,
Fell to the lure of candy coated treats.

The evening shadows moved without a sound,
Passersby were laughing unaware,
Inside her muffled whimperings resound,
A deed most horrid, vile beyond compare.

Shattered she emerged, her smiles not there,
Lost in his disgusting sweaty sheets,
Her story to the world she never shared,
Silence bribed, by a bag of sticky sweets.

Now time has passed and healed, but not as such,
His dirty smell still lingers in her nose,
She scrubbed and scrubbed but can't remove his touch,
Etched sadness on her face, still sorrow shows.

Only memories now of girls at play,
Those woeful songs of grief, she's often sung them,
His sunken bones interred in rotten clay,
In life or death, not one good bone among them!

The Taking Of Her Smiles...
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse
Child abuse is an unforgivable crime.
Jeri Martindale 29 March 2017

This poem made me cry. As a victim of sexual abuse as a child I know exactly how this feels. You captured the feelings perfectly. No matter how hard I try to put the past behind me (scrub off) it will always remain until I see Jesus! But it made me who I am, and i am stronger. I have forgiven those who wronged me in this way. I am able to help others because of it! Thank you for writing on this topic.

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 15 October 2016

She is stalked innocently. Childhood dream comes very interestingly. Bud sadness on her face makes us puzzle but wonderful imagery makes this poem very interesting. In life or death abuse is so painful. A thought provoking poem! ...10

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Mizzy ........ 15 October 2016

Thank you Pintu for reading and commenting.......

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Hazel Durham 02 October 2016

I could feel that child's terrible pain and destruction of her carefree childhood because of the shocking abuse that was inflicted on her by an evil, twisted monster. Thank you for writing about a subject that was kept hidden years ago because society made the victim feel ashamed or she would not be believed. Brilliant write!

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Mizzy ........ 07 October 2016

Thanks for your kind comments Hazel...... Appreciated!

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