Tears Of An Irish Clown. Poem by Mizzy ........

Tears Of An Irish Clown.

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I shrivel 'neath a scorching sun,
Devoid protection for my skin,
An aching grimace, I'll show none,
Worse burning pain suppurates within.

I wander naked through the rain,
Although my body fully clothed,
This broken love ne'er to regain,
Only in dreams we join betrothed.

I trace her footsteps in the snow,
And further on discover four,
A melting tear I can't forego,
The hurt bites sharp as glinting hoar.

I ramble lonely in the wind,
And taste her breath on every gust,
The rose that on her blouse I pinned,
Dead petals fell, and blew like dust.

I fall thwarted on lush ground,
So soft the breast of mother earth,
From looming hills my cries resound,
She comforts me for all she's worth.

Dim twilight dulled the failing day,
The robin shared her even' song,
And as we went our seperate way,
I blew a kiss! .....but she was gone.

Tears Of An Irish Clown.
Saturday, September 3, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: lost love
Hazel Durham 04 September 2016

I'm speechless! The imagery is stunning and your choice of words is beyond brilliant, I feel I can learn from the way you write. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece!

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Kim Barney 24 June 2019

I read this poem a couple of years ago. I'm glad I found it again. I think I will put it on my favorite poem list so it will be easy to find. Regards, Kim

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Laurie Van Der Hart 14 September 2016

Such a painfully graphic description of inner pain. Very dramatic, great structure - we can learn from you.

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Mizzy ........ 14 September 2016

Cheers Laurie! Thanks for reading.......

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Liza Sudina 09 September 2016

Oh! it's such an emotional and uplifting poem! not sad but very inspiring!

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Mizzy ........ 09 September 2016

Thank you Liza for your kind review......

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Edward Kofi Louis 09 September 2016

I wander naked through the rain! And traced her footsteps in the snow. Nice piece of work.

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Mizzy ........ 09 September 2016

Thank you Edward for your visit and your comment.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 September 2016

Wondering in rain and following footsteps give amazing feeling here definitely. Rambling lonely in wind also expresses humor. Very amazing poem this is really. Interesting sharing.10

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Mizzy ........ 07 September 2016

Your kind reviews are much appreciated Kumarmani.

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