That Little Piece Of Magic. Poem by Mizzy ........

That Little Piece Of Magic.

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Last night while in my wandering dreams,
I discovered a pathway to Wonderland,
A wise little fairy at the old wooden gate,
Beckoned me forth with her wand.

'Come hither' she said 'no need to be shy',
'With me you won't get lost',
'To enter here admission is free,
Only back on earth there is cost'.

A place of trees and flowers so bright,
Filled with Love and happy times,
An ocean of bluebells swayed in the breeze,
And the fairies all danced to their chimes.

I said to her that from where I hail,
We don't possess wands or potions,
Nor can we sprinkle some sparkling glitter,
To quell our sorrowful notions.

'In your reality' she explained 'the same magic exists,
In the twinkle of a ladies eyes,
Not in complicating a tangled mess,
But in the giving of a simple surprise'.

'Too much emphasis on possessions you place,
For money and property greed,
Simply hug and allow your hearts collide,
From vanity grow Love's seed'.

'Before you leave I have a small gift',
As she rummaged in her brown leather pocket,
'Take care as you go and heed my advice',
Then she opened an old golden locket.

She said 'now Mizzy it's time to return,
Find Love, for Love you must',
With an outstretched arm she presented to me,
A tiny handful of her magic fairy dust.

That Little Piece Of Magic.
Saturday, August 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: fairy tale
Jeri Martindale 29 March 2017

I love this! We all need a little reminder and fairy dust to help us remember simply love is enough to sustain us!

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Hazel Durham 25 August 2016

Captivating and a spellbinding write with superb rhyming and with your wonderful imagination you have created magic so special, you have amazing creativity and natural talent! It is an absolute pleasure to read your outstanding poems!

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Mizzy ........ 26 August 2016

Thank you Hazel for your heartwarming review!

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Edward Kofi Louis 25 August 2016

In my wandering dreams! ! Nice piece of work.

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Mizzy ........ 25 August 2016

Appreciated Edward......thank you.

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