The Teacher In Me Poem by Jaishree Nair

The Teacher In Me

Rating: 5.0

With pride in my stride,
With grace in my dignity,
I claim with all my might,
Yes, a teacher, a social builder, I am!

Perfect we never claim to be,
We are humans too, you see,
Kindling ways to upgrade-
the trusting young faces in front,
locking pearls of wisdom in their hearts forever!

A responsibility so grave, a job so sacred,
Sometimes awed with the burden of duties unlimited,
Praying with lifted arms, Never to go wrong-
in this journey through the holy abode of letters!

The dreams of the buds to blossom in our hearts,
Ready to stride on thorns and prickles,
to make their road a bed of roses!

Letting the young climb on our shoulders,
helping them reach the moon and beyond,
Never a second thought, Never a selfish gain,
Just bent on driving them to their destinations main!

They are our childhood, our youths, our lives,
We try to see the world through their eyes, you see,
Time and age stands still for us
As we always live in childhood, you see!

To pick up the pearls of knowledge,
We dive into the ocean of turbulence,
And garland the young with precious gems!)

May the ordinary classroom turn into a heaven of togetherness-
with the melody of letters to tune our knowledge!
May God help us to perfect generations,
To create benchmarks and make history,

Cause in their success, lies our victory,
and in their failure, our defeat!

MAHTAB BANGALEE 19 September 2021

Superb and beautiful poem penned

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Nabakishore Dash 19 September 2021

An excellent poem with very exact words and thoughts.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 September 2021

Perfect we never claim to be, We are humans too, you see....yes mam, no human in this world is cent percent perfect. A brilliant poem...Top marks

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