The Trip Poem by Rage'n Curtis

The Trip

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If you're looking for the road
to free your soul
then follow me down
the rabbit's hole.

Drink Mushroom tea
but take just a sip
Thats all you need
to ride on your trip.

But be warned of
Fear and Loathing.
Cause before you know
you've stripped off your clothing.

Showers of rainbows
fall unto you.
With so many colors
how can one feel blue?

You're overreacting
as I can tell when you blaze.
So lets chill out
and smoke purple haze.

What I like about herb
is that it calms the beast.
The Hash brownies and cookies
make a wonderful feast.

Whatever the drugs humans
use to get high,
is just another way
for man to get by.

But just remember
that the white rabbit sits.
Waiting for the people
to take their trips.

Rose Cook 02 May 2009

it's a new outlook on life and why people do what they do, it's good.

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<font color=black>Nagourta 07 September 2008


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Emo Seb 29 July 2008

trippin. duz it get much better than that?

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Arabian Heart 13 June 2008

a high that people want but do they need a high so high but one bad effect is that you forget what is true in life

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