Gun Poem by Rage'n Curtis


Rating: 3.2

Clip after clip
life after life,
man has made guns
who needs a knife?

Evil men's ways have
drove us to war.
Bullets will slice trough air
untill man exist no more.

Sorry to say that war
will not end.
Untill we set down guns
and all cultures mend.

So many dead and
what have we to show?
The atomic and nuclear bombs
that are droped to the Earth below?

Kelly Curiel-bowser 21 July 2008

I liked teh writing very much though...oh nvm just good Job!

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Tyease Collins 26 June 2008

Beautifully said Alan...I lov3 it so much...keep the peace **Tyease**

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Arabian Heart 12 June 2008

i would love for the gun to drop for the guns to stop maybe one day it will happen when everyone will learn to have a heart make more of these young rebel

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Greenwolfe 1962 12 June 2008

You are a young man with a heart. That always makes for good poetry. I thought your effort here was commendable. Commendable is a word that is used to compliment someone who did most things right but got some others wrong. These are all things you will learn by doing, as they say, and watching. Very nice! GW62

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Angel of Darkness 08 November 2007

I love your writing! It speaks the truth! ! Keep on writing your amazing XOXO, Kolee

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Elizabeth Resendiz 19 May 2009

very good! keep it up

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Racina Rodriguez 14 May 2009

Thats some deep stuff, man. Keep it up, dude.

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Jazz Annis 14 May 2009

well written...nice job! ! !

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Joanne Kearsey 06 May 2009

straight forward and gets right to the point, good work

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Emo Seb 29 July 2008

deep. beautiful. rockin. wut more can i say?

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Rage'n Curtis

Rage'n Curtis

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