My Clift Poem by Rage'n Curtis

My Clift

Rating: 3.4

Im standing on a clift
thats higher than all the rest.
And Ill stay up here untill I fall
to meet my lonley death.

I'll stand on my clift and think
of the world and how its all fucked up.
If I was to die, not known by man,
It would be my pleasurable luck.

I'll stare and wait and prey to
God that the human race will change.
Or else the human race dies young like
a puppy dog with mange.

So what would happen if I was to
die upon my desolate clift?
Would enyone even notice,
do you think I'll be missed?

Alison Smith 20 February 2007

As you stand upon the cliff You are missed by those who you have left Yau are missed by those who you are yet to meet Dont let it all die now Why I haven't met you yet! Alison

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Anita Blake 08 August 2007

you'd be missed. for i would miss you lol and yah i would notice when you don; t post any new amazing work: p keep sharing

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Evaughn Gray 08 August 2007

of course you'd be missed you dork! ..good poem.~hazel

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... Lynch 16 August 2007

Well...I'd miss your poems...A good write. -Kylie M. Lynch

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Meghan R. 03 September 2007

What that Kylie girl said below me! 'Id miss your poems'as well, I realy like them you are so gifted, so young. Its nice to be blessed with these talents. I can tell you something....'you would be missed not by the people whom you asumed to be missed by, But the ones you least notice care for you in your everday of life.' Might not make sence, but i think you will realize what im sayin eventually lol. Nice poem though, so much meaning. I can see the passion you have in wrighting. Just by reading your poems! Great job. Its Amazing once again. -Meghan =]

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Mallory Piña Villa 02 August 2010

that's deep, really. And you'll be missed, the world is not that cruel against someone who writes this good

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Jazz Annis 18 May 2009

i would definiatly miss you! ! !

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Rose Cook 02 May 2009

: (i would miss you

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Jenny Molloy 02 May 2009

dat is a deadly poem man! ! ! woo ur a rely gud writer! ! ! :) xxx

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Emo Seb 29 July 2008

dude, id totally notice if u died and i would die as well. plus, who cares if (some) humans die, just as long as the doggies r ok. lol, not kidding.

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