Feeling Of War Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Feeling Of War

Rating: 3.7

We march in thousands
our footsteps pound.
The innocents flee
from the thought of the sound.

Thoughts rushing through
each soldier's mind.
Standing in their long
wide lines.

Each person wondering
how time is so fast.
It dosent stop for any man,
killing memories from the past.

They draw their swords and shields,
staring nervously at their foes.
Each army baring armor
they use in place of clothes.

Suddenly silence scapes the land
as the warriors prepare to kill.
Just at the moment not a sound is
heard, everything is perfectly still.

But right in the instant the two armies
charge, where they will soon colide.
Like the ocean crashing into a shore,
a strong moving water tide.

All blood runs dry and all
are dead when the battle comes to end.
I wish we could all just stop the wars
and find a way to mend.

Rose Cook 02 May 2009

i agree war is not the answer and its killing us off

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Lacey Peter 01 May 2009

dude i love this poem its awesome! lol perfect 10

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i agree totally this is pointless war we r in and innocents lives r being tooken away so the govt could b the highr power! ! ! 10+++ thx for posting DLG

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Serenity Prayer 24 June 2008

i do too. i hate war. i wish we could end all wars. great job.

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Arabian Heart 12 June 2008

a war of depression can make even me with a heart of love fall to the ground nobody should feel the pain of war make more poems to touch me and the world

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Nyia Schultz 15 July 2010

I like this poem because it has truth. I dont diagree with war but i do believe that we do go for the wrong reasons. Great writing cant wait to read more. God Bless, Nyia

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Haley Legg 13 June 2009

WOW! that is amazing you have a real talent keep writing

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Danielle Davis 14 May 2009

Wow, this is pretty deep...and real...and blunt. It's depressing, but eye-opening. Simply put, it's good...

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Jazz Annis 14 May 2009

you speak the truth so well...! ! !

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~EmmaLeigh~ Smith 03 May 2009

I like this alot. your writing is very raw, and real. it's refreshing. =)

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