Hell Poem by Rage'n Curtis


Rating: 3.6

The lake of fire
the devil's domain,
were ungodly souls
are doomed to remain.

Gargantuan mountains
of brimstone and flame.
So many spirits
being tortured in pain.

The sky is red
with lightning thats black.
The thunder roars loud
as a bolt gives off a crack.

Human shaped flames
desend from the sky.
The souls of human beings
that deserved to die.

Ther're forced to work
the hammers pound,
to wear away the
outstreched ground.

They're arms and legs
are latched with chain.
The thought of the sorrow
is simply insane.

Satin sits watching
so high on his throne.
As he looks up above
no expressions are shown.

He thinks in his head.
'Judgement day is near
and all will be dead.'

Rose Cook 02 May 2009

i love this poem my favorite so far

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That was hip hippy lol... no i love that u let us get into ur thoughts like u place us in your head so we can c what ur seeing

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this is a great poem.......10

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Jaki Moore...forever... 30 March 2009

cool poem...i like that it rhymes... :)

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Sunset moonshine 26 February 2009

this is awsome i love it...

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Callie Valentine 28 May 2009

Oh my goodness, I love this! This is definitely one of the best poems I've ever read on this website.10. :)

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Krista Thomas 28 May 2009

dude this is an awesome poem... good work. i love it. keep writing.

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love it! ! ! your words speak the truth and the truth comes forth in your poem! awesome! ! you explain things well! ;)

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Elizabeth Resendiz 19 May 2009

total awesomeness man!

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Jazz Annis 14 May 2009

this poem...it speaks to whom ever reads it...you got some gift goin' on here...

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