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! The Watchman Of Dark Christmas Night

Rating: 3.9

The brazier’s glowing coals lit up his eyes.
I asked the watchman as he guarded time:
tell me, watchman, of the truth of Night..

he said: when I had conquered all the tasks of day,
I took night-watching as the sternest test,
to seek the weakness, and to seek the strength
which I might find there in my deepest self..

In darkest night, I lost myself – or so

I thought I had: for every night,
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Alison Cassidy 25 December 2007

There is something reassuring about iambic pentameter - like the counterpoint of Bach - that takes the reader in an instant, into a poetic space. And as I read these beautiful words, I am lifted into that place where knowing and understanding are one. You pen the darkest hour 3.00am (I know it well) , a time of knotted stomach and edgy sleeplessness - a sick child, a lover's betrayal, a parent's final hours. And yet, the light is always there and your poem shares your truth with elegance and ease. 'The brazier glowing warm and bright; the silence full of grace.' Indeed. love, Allie xxxx

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Patrick McFarland 23 December 2007

Fantastic Poem Michael! ! ! I have experienced many times the 'third hour after midnight' moving into the fourth and can relate wholly with the strange sublime movement of that hour. Thanks for sharing.

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Ian Bowen 23 December 2007

About as good as poetry gets. Wonderful piece of work. Ian

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