** *** ***the Waves Whisper.... Poem by Shelley L Baxter

** *** ***the Waves Whisper....

Rating: 3.0

Lets go sailing, on a sea of dreams,
captivate all the senses...completely.
Complete the dream, the waves whisper.
Finish the rowing into shore...or sink
amongst the sharks that lurk in lairs,
of cold darkness in the depths...
do not descend, do not dropp to a captains hell,
clutching the rudder...going down and down...
Do not ignore, you must not ignore the tides
that surround you...but let them swirl and roll,
guiding you to a worthy landing...
no matter the weather, no matter the fear.
If you focus on the prize of survival,
pursueing a life that is hard to come by
after much strife and close calls...
God will answer your prayer...and
your tall Stately ship will be there,
carrying you to a place where peace
dwells, where dreams are meant to be lived,
where visions are meant to be acknowledged,
lived...enjoyed...but most of all shared.

Written May 4th,2008.

Dr.subhendu Kar 17 May 2008

waves when whisper the quest tide seems to be still by the stride sailing by the sea yet remains in dream fear is never relished by the strife sorrows when guard the ship God when favours the fortune by the prayer the nightmare when compressed in its dark room man descends by the peace with awe of tomorrow vision still croons at thresh hold to the new door...........................lovely poem of life when wrought my the imagery of dream, really inspiring, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing

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Ian Bowen 05 May 2008

Shelley, very enjoyable piece of writing. Ian

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