The Whıte Pen Of Kala Dın Poem by Ebi Robert

The Whıte Pen Of Kala Dın

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Write me i pray thee.
On pages of the night knight.
Paint me i pray thee
on plain sheet of the dark night.
Draw me i beg me
With 'pen of the white Cil'
Whose dark may be white as clean.
Whipped and and erased free
Sketch me i pray thee
In shadow of the shadow of him
For thee is dark 'KALA DIN'

Monday, June 13, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: dark
Eyerusalem Tesfaye 09 June 2012

Wonderfull....i really enjoyed this poem.

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Darkangel Flyfree 14 June 2012

A great powerful write, i could feel the pain in this one. Loved it! !

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Emmanuel Isuku Isuku 14 June 2012

Great penning man! You really have a strong pen. I'll come back to peruse some of your letters in the nearest future. I just came to join poemhunter, I've been publishing in another poetry site. Well, I've published but a few. You might do well to check them out. In deep veneration and admiration, Emmanuel Isuku Benin - City, Nigeria.

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Kaila George 13 June 2012

This is really insiteful to how you want to express yourself, but also its says there is a shadow that stops you, well thats what i see and to be honest I love your penmenship its a poets dream now im intrested in reading more of your poems

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Katelin Walker 13 June 2012

Not the kind of poetry I usually read, but it has a flow to it that I really like!

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Liz Amos 13 June 2012

I thought it was really good; keep writing!

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Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert

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