The Girl From Istanbul Poem by Ebi Robert

The Girl From Istanbul

Rating: 3.8

She's from Istanbul.
She a goddess of a god.
She holds her little god
when the rain runs.
From the cloud and fall.
I can feel her sing songs
for that little boy.

Songs about snows falling on snows,
about a rose standing in a mirror,
about pillows sipping sorrows,
thunder and thundery cloud knows.

She's the girl of Istanbul.
Let her sing and I will follow.
Or I would learn and join her tomorrow.
Let her tell us what the rain knows.
So we would know where it goes.
Whether it falls like the snow
or sings like a dove.

Friday, May 18, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: girl
This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine named OZE. She's from ISTANBUL, TURKEY. The poem is about the conversation we had on the 18 of may 2012 about rain. I told her i love rain. And she said, she too, especially when at home. And the time we had the conversation, rain was falling heavilly in ISTANBUL. So i was inspired to write a poem about what i see in my minds eye.
I call her a godess, because we as humans are known as smaller gods. And since she is a female i called her a godess. 'of a god. The god here is her father. That is' she is born of a man. Not really a spiritual godess as people may seem. Her little one in line 3 is her brother she was sleeping with when the rain was falling.
Joseph Poewhit 21 May 2012

Interesting girl to look for

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Eric Cockrell 21 May 2012

a beautiful poem... you have a wonderful viewpoint of women!

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Farah Ilyas 23 May 2012

Let her tell us what the rain knows. So we would know where it goes. Whether it falls like the snow... you gave your thoughts in the form of such marvellous poem, , , , good poem about rain, about the natural object well great, , keep writing

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Captain Cur 20 May 2012

Very beautiful about rain and your friend. I especially liked the line about pillows sipping sorrows.

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Sayeed Abubakar 26 May 2012

You are good poet. You have absolutely a true poetic sense. You can read my poems such as Prayer of a broom, Poem of Hatred, She: 1, She: 2 etc and comment.

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 March 2016

Let her sing the songs of love. Nice work.

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Patricia Grantham 09 August 2014

Your girl from Instanbul is just like the rain, cool and refreshing. Love emanates from this poem. Good.

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Ozge Sahin 02 October 2012

my dear poet Robert De niro..i love this poem.ur cool talented.but my name is Ozge not Oze) :

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Rajendran Muthiah 20 June 2012

Romantic metaphors and sights burst forth in your lines. Even in Tamil Nadu of India, the daughters are the goddesses to fathers. Wonderful poem. Best wishes.

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Unique Voice 13 June 2012

I really like the description and the flow of this poem

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Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert

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