Ebi Robert

Rookie - 127 Points [THE LORD OF INK] (6 feb 1990 / PORT HARCOURT (Niger Delta))

Ebi Robert Poems

1. Nembe Sea 10/29/2009
2. Emo My Princess. 10/29/2009
3. The Wizard Code. 11/14/2009
4. Thank You. 11/23/2009
5. Oh! Her Pretty Self. 12/9/2009
6. Sea Soul. 1/11/2010
7. Lost. 1/21/2010
8. To Peomhuters. 1/30/2010
9. The Poet Of Yen. 2/12/2010
10. Queen Fara. 2/16/2010
11. Timeless Love 2/16/2010
12. Demestrius The Vintner 5/10/2010
13. Pham 6/9/2010
14. Song Of A Jewel 6/10/2010
15. Nua 5/10/2010
16. Smile Of The Sun 7/5/2010
17. One Love Question 2/18/2011
18. On Top Mount Zion 3/25/2011
19. The Lord Of Ink 8/25/2011
20. Sward Of Ages 8/29/2011
21. Eden's Game 9/21/2011
22. Beat The Beast 11/18/2011
23. The Rise And Fall Of Ijaw-Kiri 1/11/2012
24. The Woman On Wet Cloth 1/11/2012
25. Two Doves Of The Ark 1/11/2012
26. Yesterday In Yenagoa 1/11/2012
27. From The Parting Pages Of Shakespare. 3/22/2012
28. The Green Lights Of Fairies 4/12/2012
29. Fairies' Lamp 4/30/2012
30. Fellowship Of The Grand Lords. 5/21/2012
31. The Rich Man Of Condo 7/23/2012
32. She Was A King! 7/23/2012
33. The Preamble Of Cifer 10/24/2012
34. Ozzge Sahin 11/3/2012
35. Test Of My Bones 3/27/2013
36. Tamer 12/11/2013
37. Mountanous Love 12/11/2013
38. Where The World Meets 12/11/2013
39. Peters And The Ravine Of Fire 12/11/2013
40. Treasure Base Of The Night 12/19/2013
Best Poem of Ebi Robert

A Love Mathematics

Before me is a sum
and the mathematics is on my shoulder.
Minus, minus, plus, minus, minus, plus
is the formulae.

How do you win the heart of a virgin girl?
All you have to do is sing a love anthem
and recite the pledge.
Thus it goes,
‘if you find her romantic eyes skipping your eyes, find a rose.
And when your rose finds out she wears a heart
be sure there is a kind of man she likes'.

Maybe he's the kind who sings like a Nightingale
and calls her name in every rhyme.
Maybe he's the kind who smiles all time
and sweet in touch as a ...

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Yenagoa Of My Dream

As the plane welcomed the pilot jargon,
And accelerated up to the sky towards the south,
My practitioner of thought amazed
My soul with wonderful scenes of beauty, O' I see!

I see a city shinning with the greatest of golden lights,
I see a city changing with charming charms, O I see!
I see a land ruled by holy honest men, O I see
I see a city's river with current guarded by bronze filament O' I see!

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