Ebi Robert Poems

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A Love Mathematics

Before me is a sum
and the mathematics is on my shoulder.
Minus, minus, plus, minus, minus, plus
is the formulae.


Mountain of Greece.
Fountain of food where the gods feeds.
And climbing so tough as peace.

The Girl From Istanbul

She's from Istanbul.
She a goddess of a god.
She holds her little god
when the rain runs.

African Kitchen

Paddle runs to the waterfront
and Water returns to the paddle.
But strength loosed, strengthened on.
crays, shells, shells, crays.

Christmas Is Sin

I do not say Christmas is sin
when it is no sin.
But I say Christmas is sin
because it is sin and no sin.

Nigerian Girl

When I felt a sky conjured brightness in my
cave mind,
it was like a mid-winter night dream. But-
I see out of the most high, the highest

Prayer Of A Witch

In the name of the accuser,
let my enemies dir by fire.
Let my foes perish with the storm
for their children to eat of remaining death.


My trail is in the wind
because I am lighter than a feather.
I can fly for I am free
though the sky is not my weather.

A Moist Eye Bemoans.

I never knew how the communication works
It's just like several waves work together
to make me suffer.
But am sustained in a way.

Planet Of Girls

My eyes are caught in a wilderness of faith.
The stones are nowhere to be found.
In this place,
there is a division in the ground.

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