The Wind Poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

The Wind

Rating: 4.8

Who has seen the wind?
Not me, not you, not them
can see the wind even
those with eyes as big as balls.
The wind passes by without
traffic control and sets her pace
to directions, without our invitation.
The wind touches our skin with
her soft fingers or rages like
fire that eats up the standing embers.

Kelvin Owusu 10 November 2012

who but the wind has seen rather then felt the wind not i, the eye blind the ears deafen by the by the clutter of voices that never in a life time could one bare witness or paint the colors of the wind to the rage and beauty that of which is nature this is a nice piece really enjoyed it

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 12 November 2012

Thanks, Kevin, for responding to this.

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A B Faniki 18 September 2019

Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing such lovely write

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 15 January 2019

nice poem, madam! wind always touches our skin and makes us feel awesome. theologically, wind is a divine secret agent of the almighty

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Very beautiful reflective response, dear Jagdish. I do think also that wind has its divine nature and purpose.

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Clarence Prince 10 November 2014

And, nice is the wind as it softly goes by, especially on a very hot day! Thank for sharing this poem, Elizabeth!

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Thanks for giving attention to this entry, Clarence!

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 14 November 2012

Thanks for liking this, Mirna. Take care.

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Poetheart Morgan 12 November 2012

Without rules, no control it seems like be Poet? ? ? ? Great, like so much! ! !

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