Therefore I'M Not A Poet Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Therefore I'M Not A Poet

I tear a poem from love and rhyme
When feelings are wrought from reason,
Life a candle dazzles with hopes flame
And the wax of time keeps melting,
But now the wick is taller than fragments;

Darkness teaches us
What it is, this light
To a stubborn world,
But who remembers your merit
World is a great white sheet
And we keep blaming a blemish;

You read a poem I write
Neither greater than sum of lines
Nor lesser than a title
I never think
Therefore that solipsist, I am not
While my poem lives in blank tone
In the eyes of a world;

You never see facts beyond your eye
For what you or I see is fact,
You are the poet
When you read O world
And I am the reader of reviews written,
A mirror seen on a mirror;

And therefore I am not the poet,
A poet who is old that I am
A mass of error that I certainly am
But see through this logic O world
Which makes you the poet
And blame not the blemish on a mirror.

Pranab K Chakraborty 05 July 2011

Skillfully crafted the philosophical paradox by words. It is sufficient. Whether any level as a poet imprinted on your back, thats not any point to be considered. When anyone think 'I write poem'...that is height. One should believe oneself..... Regards, pranab

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Wendy Thopliss 29 June 2011

This is very interesting Abhay. You say you are not a poet but you have managed to write this.Poetry comes in all different forms, some rhyme and some are free verse but it is all poetry. I think you have done a good job with this so to me you are a poet.

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Unwritten Soul 29 June 2011

Therefore we are not a poet, we did write a poem...i know what you mean Abhay, Poetry for me is more than what we called ourself as poet, maybe we not standing tall as a poet like you said but yeah, poetry is what i called as a combination few of these things, idea, observation, to share, to express, to think, the mind, emotion, observation...the poet is the one who write all of this too but it more in language could be the one but not me...i am writing the same material like poet does but language is not my wise, so i be more thinker than word twister(poet) ..nice write Abhay, thanks for Inviting_Unwritten Soul

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