Theres A Monster In My Bedroom Mummy.. Poem by David Darbyshire

Theres A Monster In My Bedroom Mummy..

Rating: 3.1

Theres a monster in my bedroom mummy,
with horrid big red eyes,
and daddy dont believe me,
he says im telling lies,
I know you've never seen him,
he hides when you come in,
but all my friends have seen him,
and they're all scared off him.

' go to sleep now darling,
you'll see monsters if you peep,
I'll be back up in a minute
to see if you're asleep'
as mummy reached the landing,
she heard a mighty roar,
her daughters mutilated body,
lay bleeding on the floor...

by Maria aged 13...A good friend of mine

Melvina Germain 03 September 2006

Good poem, very shocking ending---Melvina

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Francesca Johnson 16 May 2006

Scared the living daylights out of me, Maria. What a wonderful little poet you are. Sleep well, my lovely. Love, Fran xx

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Dee Daffodil 25 April 2006

AAGGGHHH! ! What a shocker! Right up until the last few lines, I was thinking...oh...what a nice children's poem. Not! It has great shock value though.

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Gina Onyemaechi 06 February 2006

I'm with Vincey on this one. Full respect to Maria. I'm giving her 10. Gina.

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Not Long Left 06 February 2006

Devishly dark twist at the end of the poem, I like the way it starts of as a possible Humorous childs poem, before throwing you into a Dark surreal image of a murdered girl. There is also something about 'peter cried wolf' going on here. send my compliments to Maria Vincent

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