Davetheleg Poem by David Darbyshire


Rating: 5.0

I never went to school,
I havn't read many books.
I don't try to be cool,
get lots of funny looks.

I love to write poetry,
but my grammer ain't so good.
I try to write with humor,
I think everybody should.

So I take pen to paper,
or fingers to the keys.
And write something funny,
for everyone to please.

Seldom, it comes out good,
most times it's really bad.
I never give up, and
by no way, am I ever sad.

Please read and enjoy,
every poem I deploy.
I am sure I will raise a smile,
as big as my poems in a pile.

Francesca Johnson 10 August 2006

Yes, you always raise a smile, Dave. But....why the strange title? I've heard of Jake the Peg but not your version. Love, Fran xx

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Esther Leclerc 10 August 2006

Yes, indeed, your joie de vivre is contagious, Dave! Write on in happiness. Esther : ]

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Patricia Gale 10 August 2006

Yes you always bring a smile and a giggle or two!

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Nalini Hebbar 10 August 2006

dave...you are the best! ! ! ...and i start smiling even before i start reading! ! ! ...laugh out loud after i read...but you have no right to be sad...forbidden territory for you, OK? ...you are the poet my husband loves on PH...love...nalini

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Tailor Bell 11 August 2006

i learn all my lessons, the hard way. besides, you know what they say about success...a little luck and lotsa work. enjoyed this. -T. Bell

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Karen Summers 27 November 2006

Dave, After I read your poem 'davetheleg', I wrote this, 'Just for you today' You made me smile and giggle... Not done, in Quite a while. you made some things even 'jiggle'.. ;) And for that today, I thank you Dave....smile :) Karen Summers

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Scarlett Treat 22 August 2006

Even when 'your grammar ain't so good', you still make me smile.

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Dee Daffodil 17 August 2006

Dave...We all (well, ok, most of us) , appreciate your poems and your sense of humour! I am so glad I read this one...yet again...I thought it was about something different...: -) Hugs, Dee

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Diane Violet 17 August 2006

You always raise a smile and sometimes a downright good ole belly laugh. Thanks David.

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***** ********* 17 August 2006

David, you are a very modest sweet man and poet. All that other stuff, is a proof readers job for the more sensitive of us poetic souls who don't do spelling and punctuation too well. Someone has to give them a job! and it's the art that comes through, that is the important thing to remember. Not everyone can bring a smile, and no one quite like you. Keep up the grand work, Smiling at you, your cornland friend, Tai

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