Bri Mar

‘' They'Re Already Here ‘' - Poem by Bri Mar

The Aliens visited Earth a long time past,
They gave us technology they thought would last,
But the human race being who they are,
Tried to use it for reasons, which were frankly bizarre.

After destroying almost everything alive,
The gifts we were given we tried to revive,
We had to go back to the drawing board,
As the Alien technology could not be restored.

Centuries in the wilderness were then endured,
Our future on Earth became obscured,
But we soldiered on continuing to destroy,
Our superior abilities we refused to deploy.

After thousands of years the Aliens came back,
Our ancestors and our morals were under attack,
They said for others welfare you make no distinction,
You alone are responsible for their extinction.

They offered us humans another chance,
Saying all life on Earth you must strive to enhance,
We gave them a promise we would not fail,
They then gave us access to their Holy Grail.

Our technology moved faster from that day on,
This was to be the Earths new dawn,
A wonderful future for all living things,
Health and prosperity and all that it brings.

Before very long someone discovered oil,
Very soon our planet humans would despoil,
They built nuclear weapons to protect their wealth,
Whilst ignoring the fact it was bad for our health.

Within a short space of time there became an elite,
The rest were expected to bow at their feet,
Greed became rampant for the chosen few,
To the weak and the hungry they just said adieu.

Wars became frequent mass murder was rife,
We had lost all respect for the meaning of life,
The technology we were given was being abused,
The Aliens looked on astonished and bemused.

As our planet faltered we tried travelling elsewhere,
Our mistakes here on Earth we refused to repair,
As death and destruction speedily increased,
The Aliens said from Earth you will not be released.

They then warned us your efforts we'll smother,
You can destroy your own planet but not any other,
It's for caring species space travel is reserved,
Human deceit and cruelty is all we have observed.

Everything you touch ends up turning to dust,
To all other life forms you are so unjust,
Regarding your destruction nothing is exempt,
Even your own species you treat with contempt.

Despite all our warnings you have never listened,
Blinded by the gold and the oil that glistened,
All those in power are now living in fear,
They know the Aliens aren't coming,

‘' They're Already Here ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 1, 2013

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